That Distant Isle

Memories stream in
Insubstantial as morning sun
Through curtains made of fog
Of lullabies
Your hands holding mine
And a fear that I’ll end up, abandoned
Just like you

Hidden in walls made of time
Looked at with shuttered eyes
And here I’m left
With all your secrets
Drifting in the mind of a child
Lost on that lonely, distant isle


This poem was inspired by Bride of a Distant Isle by Sandra Byrd.


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Frozen Rose – Cover Reveal



Leana Elisara was never supposed to love her husband. She was never supposed to risk her secrets for him. But when Leana learns of an assassination plot against him, she does just that. This single act ties her to the fate of the throne and more than Matoha’s life is on the line.



I started working on Frozen Rose in 2014 during NaNoWriMo and it’s finally on its way to be published! I’m thankful for the beta readers who helped turn my idea into the best shape it could be in before I released it as an ebook. I hope you enjoy reading this story of romance and political intrigue because I loved writing it. Frozen Rose, A Flower Of Death Novel, will be available on January 1st, 2018!

You can follow updates on the sequel, Lady of Thorns, on Instagram.



This cover and the cover for The Samiyah Hayden Series Vol. 1 was created by BetiBup33 Design Studio.

A Ghost And It’s Muse


Laying on the floor in a silent room, while the clock pulls minutes from unwilling hands. Between one slow blink and the next are all your dreams left for tomorrow. All the prose stolen from your fingertips. All the notes left ringing in the mind of a stubborn muse playing you for a fool. A departing soul heavy with regret, your body surrounded by the pages of your final book. One last page from completion.


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Down Here


Down here, among the ashes of ghosts

What is honor, what duty?

Down here, under broken palaces

Where nobles once roamed their halls

Take your troubles to the living

What is your plea to us?

Do not come here, down before your time

For the dead will take their fee


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The One Who Wears Darkness On Her Shoulders


A wordless lullaby

A chant that falls, heavy with each step

Those writhing words beneath my skin

Your seething, blood soaked names

Trapped within my mind

This pit encircled by those silent and cruel

That jeer for death but

Fall silent at the sight of me


A fear of me winds down in your gut

You’ll meet me next, down here in this pit

Unless you bring my heart

Back. To. Me


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